A Day at NUFC – David and Lee

Today is the day… Survival Sunday is upon us.

David and I are off to St James Park to see if Newcastle will be safe.  I arrived at Davids at 11:30am, today we are taking the bus into Newcastle.  It’s a 45 minute bus ride, but David enjoys taking the bus.  He is quiet today and you can tell he is thinking about the match and what may be.

The bus arrives at Newcastle and the city is a buzz.  We walk around the city centre for a bit taking in the atmosphere, before arriving at Mark Toney’s for a delicious pre-match Chicken Curry.

After Dinner, we made our way up to the football ground, and then to our seats ready for the match to begin.  The atmosphere is intense today, a lot more encouraging chants than there has been in previous weeks.
David Nufc01The match begins and the fans sing and shout from the start.  David gets upset when Newcastle’s Riviere misses an easy chance.  David is certainly enjoying himself today, which is making up for a lot of this seasons home matches.  David starts to join in with some of the Cheering, the first time I have seen this at a match with him.

Half time arrives and it is still goal less.  David follows the routine of queuing up for a chocolate bar.  The Second half starts and within minutes Sissoko Scored, the noise in the stadium was incredible.  For now Newcastle were safe.  I tried to encourage David to sing a long with some of the songs.  The match continues and it is nail biting stuff, West Ham missing a few chances.  It’s not until Guitterez scores that the fans start congratulating each other.  Newcastle must be safe… and yes the whistle blows.

David gets ready to walk down to the bus stop, arguing with me that it was in fact 1-0 and not 2-0, but he seems to have enjoyed the match.  Back on the bus, heading home to Bishop Auckland.  We discuss what we can do with our day out next Saturday now that the football season is over.  David said he wants to go to the cinema and bowling, this is something we have been trying to get him to do for a while now.

Once we got back to Framwellgate Moor we walked to the car park and started the drive back to his house.  Within 10 minutes David was snoring away in the back of the car waking up just as we arrived home.

It was an exciting day out with David and he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was very encouraged to see him try and join in with the other fans…Lets hope next season is a better one for NUFC.




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