First Day of the season – David and Lee

David and I are raring to go. It is the first day of the season and we have missed our football days out.  I pick David up at 10am, we are driving in to Newcastle today because of Sunday Service.  I ask David what he has been doing while the football has been on a break and he says he has been going to the cinema.  David enjoys going to the cinema to see the Pixar and Disney films.

We decided to go for a snack first and stopped at his local Sainsburies for tea and cake.

We arrive in Newcastle at 11.50 and went for a walk around Newcastle first, it was very busy and we walked past File photo dated 22/02/2009 of A General view of St James Park, home of Newcastle United in Newcastle.monument where we saw the outdoor cinema was set up.  He looked interested in that, and i made a note to see what was on when we got back for future days out.

We made our way up through the crowds and into the stadium, just in time to get a drink and get to our seats.  There was a lot of singing, new season new start.  Fans were behind the players as it kicked off and Newcastle played really Cisse-7well, unfortunate to Southampton score the first goal.  Cisse soon equalise just before half time.

Half time comes and we decide to stay in our seats as its a full stadium today.  Play resumes and it is much of the same Newcastle pull ahead with a goal from Wijnaldum, Newcastles new midfielder.  Stadium erupted but unfortunately it wasn’t to last.  Shane long scored making it 2-2 .

David and I decided to leave early to miss the crowd, as David is uncomfortable if people bump into him.  We make our way to the car park and the drive home is a quiet one as David has a nap after a long day.  Another great day out and next time it is Newcastle Vs Arsenal so i will need to be on my best behaviour as i am a Gooner. 🙂


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