Aaron and Ashleighs 6 week holiday diary

Six weeks of Aarons mini adventures

We have come to the end of the summer holidays and we have had loads of great days out. Aaron and I would always start the day with a Starbucks.  The first few weeks of the holidays we visited Tynemouth Cullercoats and Whitley bay.  We would normally start at Tynemouth visiting Blue Reef Aquarium.  Then we would enjoy a coast to coast walk ending up in Whitley bay for an ice cream.

Aaron Day OutOn one day out we took the ferry from South Shields to North Shields and back, visiting the free museum in South Shields.  It was the first time Aaron had been in and he really enjoyed it.  Aaron also enjoyed paddling in the sea whatever the weather, I on the other hand would chicken out of that and look after the pack lunches.

In the middle of the summer holidays Aaron fancied a change so we got the metro train to Jarrow and visited Bede’s World which is a great place with loads to see.  We would then get the bus back into Gateshead and set of on a long walk back to the Metro Centre where we had left the car.

Aaron really does get so much enjoyment out of walking places.  It was around this time when Aaron met our new member of the MLH team Leah.  Unfortunately the Aaron day out 2weather was rubbish on this day.  We had to think of indoor activities so we visited the Life Centre the Sage and the Baltic, Leah and Aaron hit it off really well.

The last few weeks of the holidays Aaron and I have been parking at The Staiths cafe in Dunston and walking along the Quay side to visit the Sage and Baltic and enjoy a
Aaorn day out 3Coke in the Pitcher and Piano.  We would often finish at the Staiths Cafe which is really pleasant and the staff are very friendly.

This last week we have enjoyed bowling at Namco Metro Centre unfortunately Aaron always beats me so i have promised to brush up on my bowling skills.  Another activity he has loved is beating the high score on the basketball game in the arcades.
Aaron day outOn our last few days Aaron took me to Eds Diner for the first time, it’s great and the milkshakes are huge.  We did out usual walk along the Quay side and visited the Sage where Aaron plays Christmas tunes on the piano which always makes me smile.
Thanks Aaron 🙂

I can’t believe the holidays have come to an end, it flew over.  I wish Aaron the best of luck starting his new college and will look forward to hearing all about it on our next shift 🙂

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