Day of Rivals – David and Lee at St James Park

A day at St James Park

Today is the day i have been dreading.  Newcastle Vs Arsenal.  David is ready season ticket in hand when he asks to David at St Jamesgo to Newcastle again.  The reason I am dreading it is I am an Arsenal fan through and through.  My Arsenal polo top is hidden under my jacket as we take the drive to Sainsbury’s where we have our usual tea and cake.

We then take the 45minute drive into Newcastle where I ask David how he is, he has been meeting new members of the MLH Team this week and has been getting on great with both Michael and Phil.

When we get in to Newcastle David didnt want his usual cafe but decided he wanted to have a sandwich from Greggs.  After finishing his sandwich we take a slow walk up to St James Park.

We find our seats and settle down ready for the match.  It was very noisey in the first 20 minutes with all the yellow and red cards flying about.  I had to contain my excitement and not cheer for my beloved Gooners.

Half time and it was still nil nil, Newcastle maybe hard done by, by the ref, but i wasn’t complaining.  We stayed in our seats for the break and waited for play to resume.

Only 7 minutes in to the second half and an unlucky Fabricio Collocini own goal was put into the back of the net.  I quietly celebrate.  Its a non eventful rest of the match from Arsenal with Newcastle still putting in their best efforts.  We decide to leave 5 minutes early to avoid the crowds leaving.  David having enjoyed his day thoroughly has a nap in the car on the way back home.

Another great (away) day for David and I.David at St James Park


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