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Goal Support Scheme

 Our Goal Support Scheme is what makes us different.  We help you ACHIEVE and reach goals you want to set yourself to improve your life.

richard job interviewMLH community Care and support is fully behind the development of its clients
and looks at new Positive and pro-active ways of beating stereotypical beliefs. The business prides itself on a “I can” attitude, which leads to people achieving things they never thought they could. With this in mind MLH has created The MLH Goal Support Scheme.

The MLH Goal Support Scheme is the ideology of supporting by having a year which is a success to them, and one that they will always treasure. My aim is for the client to plan and map their own lives within the year with outcomes and goal focuses.  Which will bring their dreams to fruition. These dreams may vary from client to client and we fully understand that some clients may have smaller dreams than others but certainly equally as important.

  • Why? Experience tells us that with a little support and creative planning, people with learning disabilities could live a more enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle.stephen goal plan
  • How? This will be done through quarterly targets over one year carefully planned with clients, family members or other parties involved. We believe that if they have set goals and dreams they will have something to strive through within the year and beyond.
  • What next? We hope that after one successful year the client will then move to the next level, Year 2 of the MLH support plan. The hope is that the client will continue to move forward at their own pace and most importantly enjoy their lives to the maximum.

An example Year of the MLH support Map could be:

  1. Planning – Getting to know the individual. Highlight and target months for implementation of clients wants/targets/dreams and to establish or maintain these needs. Set up a plan of how they can interdependently achieve these outcomes.
  2. Month 1-6; Clients Goals – implement and monitor
  3. Review and Evaluate
  4. Month 7-12; Clients Goals implement and monitor
  5. Review and Evaluate – transition to year 2.

Why use the MLH support Map?

Everyone has a Map in life we might not know it but we all do. For example going to the shop for milk, you would have a map and a plan in your head before you go, shoes on, coat on, umbrella if raining,the fastest route to take, cash or card in pocket, what type of milk will i buy etc etc. This is something that most people would see
richard goal plan exersizeas regular task with little thought. However with some people not all these decisions are so easy. Some  may have an idea in their head but are not able to verbally translate or to actually carry out the action for numerous reasons. That is why with a little creative support and interdependence from the client we can work together to achieve results. This can be a walk to the local shop or even a big city job, both or equally important to the values of different clients. Remember, “no dream is too big or too small”.  MLH aims at getting to know the person and build up a trust with the client with the aim of getting the best out of them. This will help to provide the right environment to develop and fulfill any potentials that they may have within them. A positive attitude and a pro active approach is needed to achieve the clients short or long term goals. The MLH support Map is something that is very closely linked to personalisation and aims to meet the specific needs of each person.

Is the Goal Support Scheme something that could benefit you?  You can contact us to find out. If you do want to find out more you can take a look at our weekly blog and see how our service users have been doing with their Goal Support Scheme.






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