Community Care and Support

"Live the Life you Imagined"

MLH Team

MLH Community Care and Support is proud to provide the personal touch that other organisations struggle to offer. Owner Martin Herdman leads by example and works with our Support Coaches, to make sure all our clients are given the right support to enable them to have worthwhile and stimulating experiences. Our clients decide what they want to do, and the MLH team provide the encouragement and support they need, with maybe a little suggestion here and there too.

Our MLH team also build strong relationships with family members. Doing this strengthens our bond with our clients, and means we can offer advice for carers too.

While some companies look to help people out today or tomorrow, our MLH team is committed to making sure we provide constant support for many years. This means we can build up solid relationships which can only benefit the clients and their families.
MLH Community Care and Support Coaches are all highly skilled and trained professionals, with many years of experience in health and social care. They have previously provided community support to clients, and have also worked with other staff to manage support goals and their implementation. It is this experience which makes them such an important part of MLH.

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